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Internet commerce also provides businesses a growing, dynamic channel for efficient delivery of goods and services to consumers: business-to-consumer commerce. In business-to-consumer commerce, companies market physical goods to consumers online in a more personalized, dynamic environment. Businesses-to-consumer commerce will increasingly include the delivery of digital goods—software, electronic media, and information. Consumers will also look more frequently to the Internet for the delivery of services, including ticketing, reservations, and financial services. In short, Internet commerce—business-to-business and business-to-consumer—will dramatically impact the way goods and services are managed, bought, and sold from manufacturer to consumer.

Overview of the Microsoft Commerce Strategy

Commerce will soon underlie a significant portion of the majority of corporate Web sites. As such, Microsoft has moved rapidly to commerce-enable its software offerings on the desktop and server. The result is a comprehensive desktop and server Internet commerce offering that enables business-to-consumer and business-to-business commerce applications.

Commerce functionality has been integrated into the Microsoft® BackOffice® family to provide a commerce-enabled server. Microsoft Site Server, Enterprise Edition, a new BackOffice product, provides a comprehensive Web-site environment for enhancement, deployment, and the advanced management of commerce-enabled Web sites. Site Server, Enterprise Edition includes Commerce Server, the new name for the follow-on release of Microsoft Merchant Server 1.0. Commerce Server is a leading Internet-selling software product, adopted by hundreds of customers worldwide since its availability in December of 1996.

Support for commerce has also been integrated into Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Microsoft Windows® operating system, creating a commerce-enabled desktop offering. The Microsoft Wallet provides secure, convenient purchasing on the Internet. The Microsoft Wallet, available now for download from the Web, will ship as a part of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and the next release of the Windows operating system.

The Microsoft desktop and server commerce offering provides significant opportunity for horizontal and vertical integration by independent companies. Interfaces in Site Server and the Microsoft Wallet allow software companies and customers to extend the commerce platform and integrate with existing systems.


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